Safety Valve Spare parts

Nordan Marine’ Spare Parts Management services can help you achieve the right level of spares needed to support your vessel by taking a proactive, calculated approach to managing spares.

We work closely and have daily contacts with many Safety Relief Valves’ manufactures. Nordan Marine carries a large stock of common spare parts for Safety Relief Valves, we have an extensive stock of spare parts for Anderson Greenwood, Tyco and Crosby safety valves.

In addition, Nordan Marine has also authorized by Flow Safe Inc., in Buffalo, New York, the producer of Safety Relief Valves for LPG tankers, to service their Safety Relief Valves and offer the spare parts to our clients. 


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We supply Safety Valve spares for the following main brands 

  • Fukui

  • Press-vac
  • Tyco/Anderson Greenwood

  • Luceat
  • Flow Safe

  • Keystone
  • Korval

  • Sempell
  • Leser

  • Hindle


Fukui Soft Good Kits

The Fukui Soft Good Kit provides all the spare parts recommended by Fukui to be replaced during the regular maintenance of a safety valve. It minimizes the risk of ordering wrong parts. Each part is packaged separately and clearly labeled.


Anderson Greenwood (AGCO) Soft Good Kits

Anderson Greenwood Soft Good Kits contain all components that are recommended for the regular maintenance of AGCO safety valves.



Flowsafe Soft Good Kits

Soft Good Kits provided by maker Flow Safe Inc., in Buffalo, New York are easy maintenance, buying Kits are less expensive than the sum of the individual parts.

All spare parts are recommended by Flow Safe for replacing during the regular maintenance of a safety valve.

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