Service and Repair

Nordan Marine is able to supply service and repair to three business areas, Marine, offshore and industry field. We provide full range of services to Deepwell pump, Booster pump, Ballast pump and Safety Relief Valve for Gas Carriers such as LNG, LPG and LEG tankers, Chemical tankers and product tankers within marine and offshore industries; and for offshore platform, drill ships, production test ships, FPSOs (Floating production storage and offloading) etc. for offshore industry.

In addition, Nordan Marine Service team provides also services of calibration of onboard instrument, and cooling compressor services. Beside, in our supplementary area- Industry, we service and repair also centrifugal pump which are used in industrial pumping systems.

After our service engineer has identified the condition of the pumps or safety valves, a detailed service report which contains the description of the work executed, the condition of the pumps and the safety valves, and the recommendation for maintenance will always be delivered. 

Nordan Marine Service Team offers the following: 

  • Pre-docking inspection of complete cargo handling system

  • Cargo Deep Well Pumps

  • Safety Relief Valves

  • Booster Pumps

  • Cooling Compressors 

  • Calibration of Tank Measuring Equipment

  • Laser alignment of i.e. el-motors and cooling compressors 

Nordan Marine Services range: 

Spare Parts


We supply quality spare parts from original equipment manufacturers with continuous monitoring and smart maintenance planning. 

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We service and repair over 150 Gas Carriers every year 





We supply services and spares for the following main brands 

  • Thune Eureka

  • Desmi

  • David Brown

  • Leser

  • Sempell

  • Heinrichs

  • Trimod Besta
  • Kværner Eureka

  • Worthington

  • Thermo Mechanical

  • Luceat

  • Hindle

  • Whessoe

  • Krohne
  • Hamworthy

  • Teikuko

  • Tyco/Anderson Greenwood

  • Press-Vac

  • Samson

  • Laborm

  • Sulzer - Burckhardt
  • Wärtsilä

  • Guinard

  • Fukui

  • Keystone


  • PR Electronics

  • Burckhardt Compression
  • Svanehøj

  • Shinko

  • AGCO

  • Flow Safe

  • Korval

  • Musasino

  • Wika

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