Nordan Marine's product program can be applied in marine, offshore and industry field. We offer a wide range of products such as complete CG replacement pumps, CG bare shaft pumps, spare parts, repair seal kits and overhaul kits for Thune Eureka, Kværner Eureka and Hamworthy pump system. In addition, we also offer service and spares for most pumps and safety valves for many other brands such as Desmi, Wärtsilä, Svanehøj, Shinko, Anderson Greenwood, Sempell and Fukui.

Through the developing of Nordan Marine, we have expanded our product program to offering new fire-fighting pumps and spare parts for the same.  

We know all details of pumps and Valves, which ensure that our customer are guaranteed to receive the correct parts.

We supply products and spares for the following main brands 

  • Thune Eureka
  • Desmi
  • Flow Safe
  • Enraf
  • Kværner Eureka
  • Worthington
  • Luceat
  • Musasino
  • Hamworthy
  • Anderson Greenwood /TYCO
  • Press-Vac
  • Heinrichs
  • Wärtsilä
  • Fukui
  • Korval
  • Sulzer-Burckhardt
  • Svanehøj
  • Shinko
  • Leser
  • Burckhardt Compression

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Nordan Marine Product Range

Overhaul Kits

Nordan Marine provides Overhaul Kits that can be applied to Eureka Marine, Thune Eureka pump, Kværner  Eureka, Hamworthy and Svanehøj pumps. 

Overhaul Kits


Spare Parts

Our qualified Spare parts can be applied to various brands within marine industry. Click and check for more information.

Spare Parts

Fast Delivery

Flat organizational structure and keeping a large amount of spares in stock enable us to deliver product immediately to our customer.



Our spare parts are guaranteed against faults in material, workmanship for three month and for the new complete pumps for one year.


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