Repair Seal Kit

With more than 30 years of working experience with Thune Eureka marine division, Tranby Norway, Kværner Eureka, Tranby Norway, Kværner Ships Equipment, Norway and Hamworthy Norway, Nordan Marine has extensive technical know-how and experience with Thune Eureka, Hamworthy and Eureka marine pumps.

Nordan Marine has developed a Repair Seal Kit for all CA, CB and CG pump's types and sizes for Thune Eureka pumps, Kværner Eureka and Hamworthy pumps. The Repair Seal Kit is supplied as a package, therefore, there is an economic saving than buying the parts one by one.

The Nordan Marine's Repair Seal Kit consists of all seals, O-rings, gaskets, ball bearings and mechanical seals. It enables you for easier maintenance planning and logistics in less time and at lower cost.

We know all details of pumps, which ensure that our customer are guaranteed to receive the correct parts.

Nordan Marine repair seal kits can be applied to the following pump brands:

  • Hamworthy Pump

  • Thune Eureka Pump

  • Kværner Ship Equipment Pump
  • Kværner Eureka Pump

  • Wärtsilä pump

  • Eureka Pump






Nordan Marine Repair Seal Kits delivery program:

Series type CAB

CAB 100-15,           CAB 100-25,          CAB 125-15,  
CAB 125-25,           CAB 150-15,           CAB 150-25,

CAB Repair Seal Kits


Series type CAC

CAC 100-15,           CAC 250-15,          CAC 300-15,  
CAC 200-25,           CAB 250-25,           CAB 300-25,
CAC 300-35,
 CAC Repair Seal Kits


Series type CAD

CAD 350,           CAD 400,          CAD 500,  
CAD 600,           CAD 700,

CAD Repair Seal Kits


Series type CBA

C12BA 10-14,         C22BA 12-16,         C32BA 14-18,  

CBA Repair Seal Kits


Series type CBB

C42BB 16-20          C42BB 18-24         
C52BB 18- 24         C52BB 20-28,  

 CBB Repair Seal Kits


Series type CG

CGA 50,        CGA 65,       CGB 80,       CGB 100  
CGC 125       CGC 150,     CGD 200,     CGD 250,
CGE 300,      CGE 350, 

CG Repair Seal Kits


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