C2G Seal Bearing Assembly - B (SBA-B)

Seal Bearing Assembly B for pump size:

C2G - 125LB C2G - 150LB C2G - 200LB C2G - 125MB
C2G - 150MB C2G - 100HB C2G - 125HB  


The C2G Seal Bearing Assembly (SBA - B) consist of:

The SBA - B Section drawing

Note: The section drawing above applies to both the old and new model of C2G SBA-B, therefore, some of the position number do not exist in the new model of C2G SBA-B. 

C2G SBA-B Spare parts


Shaft Nut
Item No.: 101

Mechanical Seal
Item No.: 105

Ang. Cont. Ball Bearing
Item No.: 102

Item No.: 106

Item No.: 103

Pump Axle ø45
Item No.: 111

Seal Carrier ø45
Item No.: 104

The C2G SBA-B Service kits consist of:

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