Safety Relief Valves

Nordan Marine has close relationship with many safety Valve manufacturer, we can offer completely new safety Relief valves  

Nordan Marine supplies new safety valves and pressure valves such as Anderson Greenwood/ Crosby, Fukui, Flow Safe, and Korval as well as the soft good kit and spares for all valves. In addition, we supply and stock spare parts also for Luceat, Sempell, Hidle and Tyco, see the Spare parts of Safety Valve.

If you cannot find the valve brand you require, or if you have any questions or other needs regarding the Safety Relief Valves, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales department will answer all your questions or prepare a detailed offer for you and supply you with technical specification if needed.

Phone: +45 9840 2440, and E-mail: sales(at) 

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Project Manager

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Flow Safe Safety Relief Valves


Nordan Marine is authorized by Flow Safe Inc. to service, promote and sell the full line of Flow Safe products, we are also the service representative of Flow Safe for the marine market. 

Flow Safe F7000/8000 Pilot-operated valve series 

ASME Code POSRV's with carbon steel & stainless construction, snap & modulating action pilots. The F7000/8000 series features the first direct mount pilot valve with integral porting. The F8000 includes an annular flow plug to optimize the valve's flow capacity for the particular service conditions. Other design features include: low profiles, inline repairability, minimal connections, back flow preventer and field test connection as standard. Made in accordance with ASME Section VIII or "CE" mark. Design provides for easy convertability of orifice sizes, field adjustable.

Connections: 1" to 12" inlet
Set Pressures: 15 to 6000 psig (ANSI 2500)
Temperature Range: -423 to 525°F


Korval Cryogenic Safety Relief Valve

Korval Cryogenic valves are suitable for or can be readily modified for use in low temperature and cryogenic service conditions. The Korval Cryogenic valves can be apply to Maine LPG and LNG, LNG storage and pipeline and steel plant oxgon industry. The temperature range is -196 0c to 80 0c. 

Nordan Marine is authorized by Korval to promote and sell the full line of Cryogenic Safety Relief Valves.



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