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- Your partner in Marine and Offshore Pumps

Nordan Marine run its business in three areas: Marine, Offshore and Industry fields. Nordan Marine is a specialized supplier of CG Centrifugal Pump, CG Replacement Pump and Spare Parts for Thune Eureka. We also offer services, repairs and spare parts for Deepwell, Booster, Ballast Pump and Safety Relief Valves on Gas Carriers such as LPG, LNG, LEG Tankers, Chemical Tankers and Product Tankers.

Nordan Marine has extensive technical know-how and experience with Thune Eureka and Hamworthy pumps, after more than 30 years of experience in working with Thune-Eureka marine division, Tranby Norway, Kværner Eureka, Tranby Norway, Kværner Ships Equipment, Norway and Hamworthy Norway. Therefore, our CG replacement pump and spare parts can also be applied to Hamworthy pumps, Thune Eureka pumps, and Kværner Eureka pumps.
See more detail in our Product program.

Nordan Marine Service team provides overhaul services on Deepwell pumps, Booster pumps, and Ballast pumps for Thune Eureka, Kvaerner Pumps, Svanehøj Pumps and Desmi Pumps and as well as spare parts for these. We also provide overhaul services and issue a certificate on Safety Relief Valves such as Anderson Greenwood, Tyco, Crosby and Fukui on Gas Carries such as LPG, LNG, LEG, and spares for these brands of ships equipment. Furthermore, Nordan Marine Service team provides also services of calibration of onboard instrument, and cooling compressor services. See more detail in our Service Program.