Offshore Solutions

Offshore sector is the other key business area of Nordan Marine. Pump systems have been extensively used in offshore oil& gas industries, it is important that our customers' pump system operates under the good conditions. Through continuous development, today, Nordan Marine is able to offer a wide range of product program and services program to pump system within offshore industry. Our product and services program can be applied to the offshore platform, drill ships, production test ships, FPSOs (Floating production storage and offloading), Gas tanker such as LNG, LPG and LEG tankers, Chemical and Product tanks.

Nordan Marine is a specialist supplier of Thune Eureka pumps and spare parts. We supply primarily new CG replacement pumps and CG bare shaft pumps for all Hamworthy CG pumps, Thune Eureka CG pumps, and Kværner Eureka CG pumps, we supply also Vacuum pump VK 20, Self-priming SUEN and spare parts of centrifugal and Cargo pumps for these brands. In addition, Nordan Marine offers also spare parts of centrifugal and Cargo pumps which can be applied to Desmi, Wärtsilä, Shinko pumps.

Services and Repairs is another main area of Nordan Marine in offshore industry. Nordan Marine service team consist skilled service engineers which have more than 40 years of experience. With technical know-how and wide experience, our engineers are able to test and overhaul Cargo pumps and Cargo Safety Valves, they are also able to issue a test certificate on Cargo Safety Valves which are applied in pump system within offshore industry.