Marine Solutions

The marine sector is the key business area of Nordan Marine. In the marine sector, we focus on centrifugal pump and fire-fighting pump system, services of cargo pump, calibration of cargo handling equipment and safety relief valves, and spare parts for the same.

Nordan Marine is a specialized supplier of new CG centrifugal pumps for both new building and replacement pumps for all Hamworthy, Thune Eureka pump, and Kværner Eureka CG pumps. Nordan Marine is also a specialized supplier of Spare parts for these brands. Throughout the course of the company development, Nordan Marine's product program has grown to extend that offering many spare parts also for the other brands of marine pumps such as Desmi, Wärtsilä, and Shinko etc.

The other main area of Nordan Marine in marine field is the services and repairs. Nordan Marine offers many services on Cargo pumps and Safety Relief Valves, for example: an overhaul service or an inspection service. Our service teams consists of skilled service engineers that have technical know-how, and wide experience to test, overhaul and certificate on safety relief valves on LPG, LEG and LNG tankers. Furthermore, we offer certification on all cargo handling equipment on gas carriers and issues certificates for the same.